Bon Iver's Esoteric Digital Daydream: 22, A Million by Sam Abelow

Justin Vernon spontaneously materialized, instantly finding a place in the playlists of American and European listeners in 2007, with the release of his album “For Emma, Forever Ago.” Heart wrenching and vulnerable, stripped down and timeless, that first album proved original enough for hipsters and accessible enough for soccer moms.

The mythology around Bon Iver began with that first album: he had broken up with his girlfriend and his band, contracted a serious illness, recovered and retreated to isolation in the woods of Wisconsin. There he hunted for his food and stayed in his father’s cabin.

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A Revival in Motherhood: Viral Video of Home Birth by Sam Abelow

For a long time I have been fascinated with the processes of conception, pregnancy and birth. This interest was sparked when I saw the Business of Being Born. The documentaries overview of the modern history of birthing practices is fascinating and disturbing.

I find the trend towards simplifying, back to a woman's natural, instinctive power, combined with use of breath and mindfulness to be an astonishing revival, rich with everything good about humanity.

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My Party Polemics by Sam Abelow

    On a humid evening in the middle of Brooklyn, as thunderclouds indecisively condensed, threatened and then broke apart, I arrived at a long warehouse. There my friend Rachel and older sister Lizzie were putting together the final touches to the event space . At midnight I was to turn 25. But this year was monumental for another reason then my being on this planet for a quarter-century.

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Rosko's Book of Songs and Visions: Birth Certificate by Sam Abelow

For those who have ever taken psychedelics, or been through immense stress and relief, or been taken by the open ocean and come out renewed, you know what I mean by the metaphorical use of rebirth. 

In many ways we are born each morning or each year, on our birth-day; each of us are also reborn in each new encounter or experience -- to be seen by new eyes, or to see the world with new eyes

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Rosko's Book of Songs and Visions: Butterflies by Sam Abelow

How could it be that I felt trapped and yet in love? If love is openness and fearlessness, then that was not love; it was the restlessness of infatuation, of desire and longing to be known and to know some one.

...Blinded by the sin of man; all we seek is "pleasure." Enjoy yours darling. I can't escape, but will let you know at this moment, "I Love you."

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Rosko's Book of Songs and Visions: Do Was a Deer by Sam Abelow

The full scene reveals the natural world, which surrounds my instinctual, primal, seductive image of the feminine. Her height and slender waist are like the tall and slanted trees and branches. Her long limbs are like the vines of the jungle, which swing across the backdrop.

All of this lush greenery and natural life breaths with fertilizing energies. And yet, within all this worldliness, she remains immaterial; her purple skin indicates that she is surreal and in all of her bodily beauty, she is transcendent and ethereal.

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Rosko's Book of Songs and Visions: Home by Sam Abelow

Love, amorous embrace and sex has a mysterious power; it can be a base compulsion, or an access point to the transcendent bliss. For me, the body and sexual intimacy is easily exalted, made overly poetic and romanticized.

The Phoenician, or Middle Eastern backdrop sets the stage for the foreign, dream-like representation of sexuality. The song which inspired the painting sings, "You make me feel at home, when I'm far away."

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Highs and Lows of Creative Inspiration: tips on how to be full of ideas by Sam Abelow

Everyone has heard of writer's block and many songwriter's recall fables of late nights in the studio where the "magic" came together. The source of creativity is elusive and so many artists tend to become superstitious about the process.

Whether you are the next artist of a generation, making your way into the business world, or pursuing a life back-to-the-earth, accessing and maintaining creativity can be exhilarating and practical.

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