Beginning Your Journey into Mindfulness: A DIY Buddhist’s Personal Experience by Sam Abelow

The fascination with the Chinese hermits went from curiosity at an intellectual level to an experiential understanding which was brought about by practicing both in daily life and in seated meditation. Once the experiences starts to unfold you begin to see the many layers and scales to these truths. It's something so simple but we come from such complex and built up conditions that breaking these down can be extremely difficult. 

I'd also like to note that in a very simple way the practice can be summarized by discipline, concentration and wisdom. It's something that closely relates to psychoanalysis, but with a dash of Taoism and quantum physics thrown in there. I'd also like to mention the wisdom comes from paying close attention to ourselves and slowing down. This involves a meditation practice where we engage with ourselves and aim to develop a more aware perspective. 

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The Story Behind My Art: The Mother, The Hermit and Transformation by Sam Abelow

My art is a search for something; I’m digging around. It’s like I’m gardening, in an intraterrestrial place, like a cave. You see, I’m digging for a well, then it caves in and I fall over. There, I discover something unexpected, even revelatory.

My art is not merely a search for aesthetic sensibility or beauty. Although I love materials and colors, the search that I’m doing is much more internal; it has mystical qualities.

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Trumpism and the Neglected Archetypal Feminine by Sam Abelow

In order to bring a more comprehensive scope and even more depth to the study of the archetypal dynamics at play in politics and social movements today, we must recognize the role of the archetypal Feminine[1]. The social turmoil and divisive politics in the United States and Europe, all of which terrify, yet also excite and stir change — as seen in movement and countermovement, progression and reaction — are all contained within the most essential and primordial archetype of all: The Great Mother.

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Breakdown of the Left: Safe Spaces, Feminism, Social Justice and Communism by Sam Abelow

Alongside race issues, the far Left has also been seeking to redefine sexuality and gender, as well as a enforcing broad, politically correct language.

Progressive narratives, when taken out of the classroom can become messy. The emerging tendency of the far Left to renounce any criticism and isolate itself from intellectual debate goes against the foundation of our democracy. This goes beyond identity, beyond any other ideal; this is about truth and the basic ideal of an open and liberal society, which tolerates all views no matter how repulsive.

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Breakdown of the Left: Snowden's Surveillance State Versus Liberal Roots by Sam Abelow

Oliver Stone's new movie, about Edward Snowden, the controversial figure who leaked NSA documents and revealed, for the first time, the absurd reality of sweeping and aall-encompassing surveillance. Government agencies are collecting data on every person in the country. From your email to your phone; privacy is gone.

In that nakedness, few are exhibiting the appropriate anxiety that goes along with walking through the school's halls in one's underwear, or the anger that goes along with having one’s underwear thrown up onto the flagpole.

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Professor Against Political Correctness: A Scandal that Epitomizes the Regressive Left by Sam Abelow

Gender Studies classes have sought to redefine the binary model (as seen above in a painting), by placing gender identity and expression a spectrum. The transgender and queer movement has gained immense popularity and is a hot discussion point for many in Canada and the United States.

To question the scientific basis and political implications on this topic proves to be a brave and potentially consequential act for professor Jordan B. Peterson, who publishes all of his lectures on psychology and philosophy via YouTube.

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Bon Iver's Esoteric Digital Daydream: 22, A Million by Sam Abelow

Justin Vernon spontaneously materialized, instantly finding a place in the playlists of American and European listeners in 2007, with the release of his album “For Emma, Forever Ago.” Heart wrenching and vulnerable, stripped down and timeless, that first album proved original enough for hipsters and accessible enough for soccer moms.

The mythology around Bon Iver began with that first album: he had broken up with his girlfriend and his band, contracted a serious illness, recovered and retreated to isolation in the woods of Wisconsin. There he hunted for his food and stayed in his father’s cabin.

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A Revival in Motherhood: Viral Video of Home Birth by Sam Abelow

For a long time I have been fascinated with the processes of conception, pregnancy and birth. This interest was sparked when I saw the Business of Being Born. The documentaries overview of the modern history of birthing practices is fascinating and disturbing.

I find the trend towards simplifying, back to a woman's natural, instinctive power, combined with use of breath and mindfulness to be an astonishing revival, rich with everything good about humanity.

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