Lost in Gardens: Healing Through A New Narrative of the Past by Sam Abelow

All of us have regrets. But what happens when these doubts reach down into our earliest life and bundle around large proportions of our existence? This dissatisfaction and rejection of fate were the emotions fueling “Lost in Gardens.”

I discovered that the only solution to this conflict was to rework the narrative of my past. This meant that slowly I had to recognize the ways in which my past experiences still paralyzed my present; I had to scrutinize my model of the world and reconstruct large portions of my views, in order to relate and live coherently.

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An Artist’s Case for the Moderation of Technology by Sam Abelow

The excessive technological stimulation causes many of us to ignore the Life which exists in slow and open moments when we are able to absorb each other and the world around us. Recognition of the downtempo pace of a pre-technological existence is a needed counterbalance.

Flashy screens, moving images, endless songs to stream and infinite news stories are all alluring. Widely accessible content, from comedy to calamity, becomes addictive to our minds which are designed for curiosity. Please, in the days after reading this pay attention to your own habits.

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Luna O. Announces Debut Single “Hey Boo” by Sam Abelow

Songwriter and vocalist Luna O teams up with producer Rosko Green for their debut single “Hey Boo.”

Luna O.’s gifted vocals team up with Rosko’s extensive production skills  to make a notable power duo. Their first track will have listeners bumping their heads to the psychedelic trap bass and ethereal verses as they ride out to the beach.

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Shadows: The Sensitive Soul's Creative Outlet by Sam Abelow

The weakness of the creative individual is that they will make an aesthetic, a fascination, or rather an art-form out of their philosophical and psychological search. This can often displace the energies of their psyche, removing the friction and “selling it off” as entertainment. I am guilty of this in songs like “Shadows” and “Rise and Fall.” Luckily, in tandem with these sorts of expressions, were authentic and indescribable experiences of the unconscious psyche, which cannot be transmitted or displayed for any audience.

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The Making Of: A Grid of Green Dots by Sam Abelow

I woke up in the middle of the night to a vision; it was a grid of luminous green dots with little bits of yellow poking out. Beholding this sight, I felt a sense of numinosity. That morning I did a little sketch, knowing that I would have to produce a painting based on this mysterious design.

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Living Myths in Paint: Sandro Chia Exhibit by Sam Abelow

There are two painters I currently admire above all the rest, although there are many examples enduring works of art. The first is Paul Gauguin, who painted actively in the late 1890’s. The second is Sandro Chia. I attended Chia’s first exhibit in New York City after a decade, at the Marc Straus gallery this late winter, early spring 2017. On display were a couple dozen affecting and mature paintings.

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Emerging into Your Authentic Self: Nigredo in Ancient Alchemy by Sam Abelow

Nigredo roughly translates to “blackness” or “blackening,” and in alchemy was considered the first stage toward the ultimate goal of obtaining the philosopher’s stone. Initially, Calcinatio is the main alchemical operation in which the chemical ingredients (or prima materia) first must be refined and cleansed by intense heat and burning, that would result in a blackening of the material. The desired result was to burn away any imperfections or alien substances, to leave behind only the purest of substances.

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